/’mas/ 1 – noun, something of greater importance; your home is more than the place where you reside.

Whatever the style (classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian), the current that runs through MAS’ work is chic, fresh, and eminently livable.MAS Design Founder, Dawn Carlson

What we try to create in our work is a mashup of space and style. We believe that your space should be an expression of who you are, and our focus is creating sophisticated spaces that allow our clients to live, relax and thrive. What we design are thoughtful compositions that are successful because we are based intrinsically on who our clients are. Coming from the perspective that tasteful design does not have to be boring, our work is design-forward and allows one to experience it in a visceral and even emotional way.

We work closely with and value our amazing team of experts, and view our work as a collaboration between the client, ourselves, our vendors, fabricators and artists.

MAS (Mood and Space) Design, LLC. is an interior design firm in the Bay Area, California. We also utilize online collaboration tools (such as Skype and Facetime) to work with clients across the country and throughout the world.

Welcome to MAS Design.

High design. Low blah.